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Partial Staged Right

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Partial Gradient Slide

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  • New Mysitemyway Slider

    A New Homepage Slider!

    We just added a roundabout slider to our homepage. What do you think? Nullam at tincidunt felis. Donec et orci ac urna fringilla ultricies. In id tellus nisi, vel tempor dui. Proin pretium lacus nibh. Fusce sodales bibendum augue; vitae vehicula ligula eleifend nec. Nulla …

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  • Mysitemyway Theme Documentation

    Extensive Online Documentation

    We decided to place our documentation online for easy access. You can find the online documentation for all our wordpress themes here: We have documented every aspect of our framework from admin panels to custom post types. If you are having problems understand something …

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  • New Testimonial Post Types

    New Testimonial Post Types and Shortcodes

    Now by popular request we’ve added the testimonial post types and shortcodes that we use on our own site to all our themes. To see it in action on our site check out our footer on any page of our site or our homepage. Nullam …

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  • Mysitemyway Skins

    Powerful Skinning System

    With our powerful skin generator we have created an easy way for you to customize your site by creating “skins”. You can export your skins and share them with others or download other skins and edit them to your personal preferences! New skins are added …

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  • Support Forum

    Now Over 48,000 Posts in Our Support Forum!

    Your business is important to us and we want to make sure that you are satisfied with our products. We have setup a support forum where you can get help to resolve any issues that you may have. If you need help with something or …

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